Our Clientele

Professional Freight Services, Inc. understands the needs of our clientele; building our reputation providing quality third party logistics services for a range of companies across the Midwest. We have thrived in our market for the past fifteen years listening to our clients, meeting their needs and by exceeding their expectations. How do we do this? Let us show you why our clients rave about PFSI.

Understanding Third-Party Logistics


PFSI helps to keep your goods moving. We are third party logistics experts.

Professional Freight Services, Inc. helps to fulfill a vital niche. We thrive in the complex and often costly world of third party logistics. In general, PFSI helps to provide a vital logistical function by providing an opportunity for fulfilling the needs of motor carriers, shippers, and receivers. We excel in performing the loading and unloading of equipment and pallets from trucks, shipping containers, and warehouses. Our third party logistics services, also known as lumping services, offer an alternative for hand loading or unloading by drivers and warehouse personnel.

This helps companies to ensure that they can successfully meet time-sensitive schedules. It also lessens their exposure to on the job injury and the associated liabilities. In short, Professional Freight Services, Inc. helps our clients stay more productive. We help our clients stay safer. And we keep their trucks moving. Our strict safety standards have the added value of providing additional social benefits by reinforcing the safety of the freight and trucking companies that we work for. We don’t come in with bad habits or unsafe short-cuts. Instead, our fully screened, trained, and professional staff comes ready to get to work.

To better understand the full range of offerings Professional Freight Services can provide please see some of the industries that we help to make more efficient and productive.

Industrial Clients

Transportation Clients

Residential and Small Business Clients

If you would like more information on our third-party logistics services please contact us today for your free estimate of your project.