PFSI Difference

When it comes to Third Party Freight services, PFSI has spent the past eighteen years striving to be the best in the business. Professional Freight Services was founded in 2002 as an alternative to inefficient, unpredictable, profit affecting traditional labor services. We saw a need for long term skilled, professional, and fully supervised personnel alternatives in the warehousing, distribution, and shipping industries.

The Third Party Freight Professionals

The Third Party Freight Professionals
Warehouse logitics work being done with forklift

At PFSI we pride ourselves on our ability to provide labor professionals in the blink of an eye for both long term and short term projects. All of our employees have passed both background and drug screenings. Our In house training and hands on experience guarantees the most safe and productive workers. It is more than just our commitment to safety that helps to make PFSI different than our competitors. It is also our drive to bring real value and efficiency to your company. Here are just a few ways we can help:

For Transportation Carriers

  • PFSI workers can help to prevent loading related injury and strain on drivers.
  • PFSI workers can help reduce wasted time at the distribution point or during unforeseen incidences.

For Shippers/Distribution Centers

  • PFSI workers can help reduce loading times and increase efficiency on going, long term.
  • PFSI workers can help fulfill additional orders during short-term increased demand times, ensuring continued customer service excellence regardless of demand.

For Receivers/Warehouses

  • PFSI workers have proven track records of their unload speed and accuracy reducing detention or storage fees, and increasing volume and profit for the clientele.
  • PFSI workers can help correct issues or mistakes with orders, allowing existing employees to continue to focus on core tasks.
  • PFSI staff assists clients with better usage of their hired personnel by providing supervision and management at all times from a family owned and operated local office.

These are just a few applications that help to make PFSI a premier partner in third party freight handling. Learn how PFSI can help to make a difference for your company. Contact us today for more information.