One of the most frequent questions we answer on a day to day basis is also one of the most important. What is lumping? It is not always common knowledge, even for those who are well versed in logistics, distribution, and shipping. Over the years lumping has become a more vital resource to many in these industries. But first, we need to understand the basics.

What Is Lumping?


PFSI wrote the book on lumping.

Lumping, by definition, is a professional service that is vital in many industries. A lumping service offers professional loading or unloading of freight trucks and shipping containers at warehouses and distribution centers. Lumpers may also work at the scene of accidents on the road, shifting freight from one truck to another. A lumper service operates as a third party; independent from both the shipper and receiver in the transaction.

Lumping can offer a myriad of benefits to its customers, including efficiencies in both time and costs. Not all lumping services are created equal, however. Once you have answered the question, What is lumping, there are a few more questions that can help to ensure that you are hiring the right lumping service company.

  • Does your lumping company charge by the hour or the project? Beware of companies that only charge by the hour, as they may not be the most efficient solution. PFSI will offer a professional bid on your project with either by the hour or whole project fees, depending on the job. This can greatly help our customers when it comes to budgeting special projects.
  • Does your lumping company do background checks on their employees? The right lumping company does more than just provide labor. PFSI understands the liability associated with hiring the wrong laborer. This is why we perform comprehensive background checks and drug screenings on every employee to ensure that a PFSI employee is one you can trust with your freight.
  • Does your lumping company provide supervision? Most companies don’t want to just hire bodies to fulfill a need. They want to make sure the job is done right and on time. Every PFSI job includes supervisory staff to keep our lumpers on task.

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