Residential and Small Business Clients

Sometimes you just need a little more muscle. From residential applications to small businesses, the need for a labor services company can arise unexpectedly. Finding the right company to do the heavy lifting can make a big project slightly less daunting and definitely less painful.

Movers Carrying Sofa Outside Truck On Street

For any project, big or small, we are your labor services company.

Professional Freight Services, Inc. has helped individual families load and unload portable storage units and “haul it yourself” trucks; making moving timeless backbreaking. Small businesses find PFSI infinitely helpful when it comes to moving boxes of files up or downstairs, or even hauling out the trash to shredding trucks or dumpsters. Where there is a need for physical hauling labor, PFSI can help as a fully insured labor services company.

All of our employees undergo rigorous background checks and safety training and are accompanied by a supervisor to ensure the work is done quickly, safely, and efficiently. You can trust PFSI employees in your home or office.

PFSI Is A Labor Services Company For

• Residential Move Loading and Unloading
• Small Business Manual Loading Services
• Portable Storage Companies

“Last year we had a HUGE project in the office. We were going paperless and we scanned boxes and boxes of files. In order to stay compliant we couldn’t destroy the files for another couple of years, so we had to move all of these heavy boxes down to the basement of the building. Rather than break our backs we hired PFSI to come and help us move what looked like a TON of paper downstairs. They came in and quickly had our office looking like an office again, moving all of the papers down to storage. It was great.” -Stephanie from Washington

“We were moving my mom into a retirement home. She didn’t want to sell everything in her home, but it wouldn’t all fit in her new place. As a compromise, we ordered a POD so we could store some of mom’s things until we knew what to do with them. We forgot to account for moving all of this stuff. I have a bad back and my husband couldn’t move things on his own. We found PFSI and they had the whole POD filled in just a couple of hours. It was a lifesaver.” Liz from St. Charles