Industrial Clients

The needs of a busy warehouse are numerous and ever-changing. From mistaken orders to major returns, any slight deviation in the rhythm and flow of a distribution center can cause major warehouse labor scheduling issues. That is where Professional Freight Services, Inc. can help.

Colleagues in warehouse

We work in tandem with our colleagues in a warehouse.

We help to ease some of these labor burdens by offering safe, effective, and cost-effective labor on demand. At PFSI our supervisors oversee every job we take on, ensuring maximum productivity and care in every job we do.

Our services range from seasonal warehouse labor help to repalletizing orders and repacking projects. We can offer assistance for any shift; 24 hours per day, seven days per week. We even provide labor services on holidays at no additional charge. Trust PFSI to keep your warehouse humming with activity, helping to keep your racks productive and profitable.



We Provide Warehouse Labor Help For:

  • Wholesalers
  • Logistics Warehouses
  • Receiving Companies
  • Pods Companies
  • Distribution Centers


“We used PFSI when a series of unexpectedly large orders came through our system. We didn’t want to hire full-time staff to fulfill this short-term staffing issue, but we also couldn’t leave our customers high and dry. PFSI brought in a team that tackled our fulfillment issues, helping to load trucks in record time to get our product out the door. We managed to exceed our shipping deadline by two days which made for a really happy customer. We will continue to use PFSI for any of our short-term labor needs.” -Shelly from St. Louis

Our company had an abundance of unsold product, taking up rack space in our warehouse. When the opportunity arose to recycle the product to recoup the costs we wanted to do what we could as quickly as we could. Unfortunately, the product had to be disassembled to do so, which meant we needed extra help. PFSI bid on the project as a whole, rather than the hourly rate everyone else quoted. This really helped with the budget on such a project. They were quick, efficient and we couldn’t have been happier. The project wrapped up on time and we were able to put our rack space back to productive use.” -Frank from Olivette

Contact us for your next project or unexpected emergency. We would be happy to serve any of your warehouse labor needs.